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Once every 400 years, a portal to the Eodum opens. Pyeonghwa is left defenseless in its wake. As evil rages across the land, the innocent inhabitants of this world are terrorized, isolated, and eventually. . . destroyed.

But there is one who draws breath in Pyeonghwa who is not as helpless as the rest of her world.

Cheonsa, a Princess of the Flame, is chosen by Jungjaein, the ageless Arbiter of Worlds, to defend her many realms from the onslaught of evil. Equipped with her trusty bow, impeccable wits, and unquenchable rage, she sets forth on a quest to save the innocent while dealing out death and justice to the hordes of evil. Join her in her righteous battle!


Cheonsa (pronounced chun-sa) is a first person fantasy shooter adventure that tells the tale of Pyeonghwa, and multi-realm dimension filled with light, peace, and adorable cuteness. As Princess of the Flame you will travel through these realms shooting every threat which appears in your sight, including slimy worms, flying heads, giant robots, and colossal bosses that need a permanent attitude adjustment.

Cheonsa currently features:

  • Three complete levels
  • Two weapons
  • Six different enemy classes
  • Two epic boss battles
  • A huge serving of UNLIMITED RAGE!


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shitty game give up on life quit now


That mothership is indestructible... Or maybe I need bigger guns. :)

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Really awesome game you've got going on here. The mechanics aren't all that complex but you seem to have taken them pretty far. Save for the times my screen blacked out, I felt that almost all my deaths were my fault and the enemies felt really fair. The bright and colorful environments really hide how tough this can be and it surprised the hell out of me. Great work so far! I might revisit this if I can get the recording issue figured out.